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'Fiercely Fine' Fermented Foods - the Proud Producer of Kimchi and Tempeh in Wales


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Fiercely Fine producing fermented food products and providing a learning resource for improving your kitchen skills

We are a new family business in Wales selling fermented foods. We produce a variety of products that can be purchased online or from local retail outlets. Our new range is just launching ...

Kimchi is a delicious, spicy, Korean, fermented vegetable condiment. It can be eaten as a side dish or as an ingredient in a variety of dishes.

Tempeh is a fabulous fermented mix of beans or pulses to create a protein packed ingredient for recipes or as a stand alone protein in your meal. 

We are excited to launch our learning resource too, giving an opportunity for you to learn kitchen skills from Dave our Fiercely Fine Chef. Having more than 30 years of catering experience there is plenty to learn from him, view our easy to watch videos in our learning corner.

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