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Fiercely Fine Fermenting

The ancient art of fermenting has seen a fantastic revival in recent years. It all started back before there was any refrigeration or freezers and people needed a way to preserve food in times of plenty to make sure there was food in lean times. There are as many types and styles of fermentation and preservation as there are cultures around the world.Fermentation is essentially the process of creating a controlled environment which promotes the growth of bacteria. This is done by the addition of salt, vinegar, acid and either allowing oxygen in or excluding it. This allows ‘good bacteria’ to thrive and inhibits ‘bad bacteria’ from growing. This ‘good bacteria’ is the same bacteria that lives and grows in our gut and is responsible for helping us digest the food we eat and regulate our body processes. Basically the more diverse our gut microbiome, the better our well being.

Fermentation: Welcome
Fermentation: Who We Are
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