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We can all make a difference

so lets work towards a better tomorrow

Here at Fiercely Fine, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, our business growth vision encourages the wellbeing of others and a better planet for future generations. 

We are building on our values, we recognise these distinguish us and guide actions. Conducting our business in both a socially responsible and ethical manner. Respecting the law, supporting the universal rights of other beings, protecting the environment and benefiting the communities we work amongst.

A Fiercely Fine Mission - Moving Towards Being Carbon Neutral : About Us

Proud To Announce 'Fiercely Fine' Received A Green Goal Award From Business Wales

Fiercely Fine Is Working Towards Being Carbon Neutral

At 'Fiercely Fine' we are constantly looking for ways to make sure our impact on the environment is as positive as possible. We love wonderful fermented foods and this beautiful planet. Fermented food requires only a small amount of energy to be at its best, through history fermenting has increased nutrition, health, given flavour and reduced spoilage. 

We seek to prioritise good decisions before higher profits in our business. We look for local environmentally responsible suppliers. We use low energy equipment that is well serviced and carefully controlled. Our fermentation chambers are temperature monitored using WIFI, allowing us to respond to alerts of any small unwanted fluctuations.

The packaging we choose for our products is recyclable or biodegradable where possible, the vacuum packaging is biodegradable and compostable. Any waste packaging is carefully sorted to ensure effective recycling. Any other waste we have, is put to the best use where possible, food waste is composted to feed gardens, water is collected and where possible used to water gardens.

Currently, we are looking to invest in solar energy production and battery storage to power our kitchen and fermentation requirements. Ultimately we would love to invest in an electric vehicle which could tow a mobile kitchen to events, fairs and markets. We are always looking for new ways of doing things and new products to move us towards the most environmentally friendly version of ourselves. Please let us know if you have any ideas.

A Fiercely Fine Mission - Moving Towards Being Carbon Neutral : About
A Fiercely Fine Mission - Moving Towards Being Carbon Neutral : About
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