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Testimonials : Welcome

Abergavenny Food Festival Panel 

"The flavour & texture of the tempeh was very pleasant & unique & we liked that you were a new producer from Powys too."

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"I've had severe IBS linked/caused by fibromyalgia for over 2 years . Every single day. It's prevented me being able to live normally. I tried everything and have been poked, proded , scanned, cameras up down etc. Tried exclusion diets supervised by GP. Various tablets prescribed. It's impacted vitamin absorption and generally been...well s**t to put it bluntly. The doctors and hospital specialist told me I'd have to learn to live with it and manage it. Cutting out dairy improved things. But still suffered every single day. It has been exhausting and debilitating. I've tried sauerkraut, keffir etc. Nope. Even when I take prescribed opiates ( tramadol and codeine) when I'm in severe pain there is no change!
UNTIL...2 jars in to 'Fiercely Fine's' kimchi.It's bloody miraculous. Life changing. The last week has been NORMAL. If you've experienced IBS long term, youll understand how amazing this is. Of course, I now am eating it breakfast, dinner and tea.....but I don't care. It's delicious. I cannot thank Dave enough for introducing me to it. Unpasteurised Kimchi. 
Anyways. Buy some. Fiercely fine foods. I think I'll be buying a fair chunk of his stock this year. I aim not to run out."

Testimonials : Welcome


"The Kimchi and Fudge are both epic!
Being able to compare the Classic and Vegan Kimchi to traditional kimchi,  the product is as authentic as it gets. The flavours are full bodied and complex with just the right amount of chilli spice for the kimchi to complement any dish. It has been a condiment with beef and with lamb burgers, a topping on hotdogs, a refreshing accompaniment to curry and stew diners, served with omelet and a cooked breakfast. This kimchi goes with just about anything. If you love sauerkraut try this Kimchi. There’s the classic with the prawn and fish sauce and a vegan variety, both delicious.
The fudge I’ve had in both butter and coconut varieties is rich, creamy,sweetness  just right and the melt in the mouth feel reminds me of grandma’s kitchen on Saturday mornings when everybody was out and she made sweets and cakes for the family dinner."

Testimonials : Welcome


"As a new learner about the biome ecosystem, the 'Fiercely Fine' brand are backed by thorough research and personal food experience. Since using the fermented products I have noticed several changes. My nails, skin and hair are in better condition. My digestive system seems more “relaxed” with less bloating. I am a middle aged, busy, working woman who has found these products a helpful addition to overall mental and physical well-being habits. “

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"Really nice Tempeh, yummy simply fried in a pan"

Testimonials : Welcome


"They have been looking into this arena of food and biotechnology for many years. Their passion and excitement for fermenting and associated health benefits shines through their products. Attention to detail and constantly developing new additions to their range, makes Fiercely Fine a business to watch.  A small family owned business built on connecting people with quality home based market place. Personal service, quick delivery, well packaged and clear instructions make for pleasant dealings even before tasting the delicious tempeh"

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“I love the Kimchi, it is great on Pizza!”

"Tempeh was really nice 👍🏾. I liked how crispy it was on the outside and how tasty it was throughout. It was so versatile, I could cook it in a curry or have it in any dish with any flavour. It held its shape well and is really good for my cholesterol.   Kimchi was really tasty 😋 I loved how it was great as a pickle that you could eat on its own or add to salads or have as a side dish with any meal. The taste was amazing I could eat it twice a day in either a sandwich 🥪 or as part of my lunch and as part of my dinner too. The taste out weighs the benefits to my body for me. For me everything is about taste and you get it from both these products."

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'Fiercely Fine' knows that its strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but by the words of others.

Please contact us to let us know how we can improve. Let us know what you love about what we are doing. We appreciate all Feedback.

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