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How Do I Eat 'Fiercely Fine' Kimchi?

How to eat ‘Fiercely Fine' Kimchi...
  1) Just as it is!   2) On cheese on toast    3) In a Welsh Rarebit  4) In burgers as a relish  5) Stirred through fried rice or boiled rice at the end of cooking  6) In tomato soup, added at the end of cooking it gives a depth of flavour  7) Mix with mayonnaise to give a twist to a sauce or dip  8) Make Kimchi fritters or pancakes  9) Add flavour to a casserole or stew at the end of cooking 10) To top poached or scrambled eggs  11) Add to a salad dressing  12) Layer it in your lasagne or pasta dish  13) Eat it with cheese and biscuits  14) Use as a pizza topping  15) As a side dish to go with just about anything

*Remember to eat 'Fiercely Fine' Kimchi in small quantities at first*

There are many more ways to eat Kimchi- let us know your own ideas we would love to hear them!
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How Do I Eat 'Fiercely Fine' Kimchi?: About Us
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