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About Us

We are 'Fiercely Fine'! A brand new business firmly rooted in Wales, we work together as a family with our two beautiful children. The passion is fermenting foods, loving the process and the results, witnessing the benefits to our health and culinary enjoyment. We are beginning to sell a range of products including: Tempeh (fermented soya beans), Mixed Bean Tempeh (soya bean free), Traditional Kimchi (fermented napa cabbage), Vegan Kimchi (made with fermented napa cabbage and vegan friendly ingredients) and Water Kefir (brewed with Tibicos grains, available in various flavours). We are particularly interested in manufacturing Tempeh, having experimented with various flavours and discovered a rather delicious smoky flavour. We believe this will appeal greatly to the vegan/vegetarian markets and are looking forward to launching this soon. We will be selling at various retail outlets, at markets, then where possible direct to your door. Attending festivals is a fun way to meet you all and promote our brand/products. Come by and try, as we will be selling delicious snacks containing our favourite fermenting flavours. We have a catering kitchen and our chef has more than 30 years of experience in hospitality (with a specialist interest in fermenting of over 10 years). We look forward to serving you soon.

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