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The Journey into 2022 : A Families Vision is Realised, Launching their Passion Filled Fermenting into a 'Fiercely Fine' Reality

Well, this photograph sums up our various kitchen benches over the last ten years! It is where our journey and love affair with fermenting began. We have experimented with various techniques, ingredients, equipment, temperatures and the all too important TIMINGS! We have had incredible successes and our share of 'let's put it down to experience shall we' disasters. Ferments exploding on the ceiling, corks randomly launching themselves with explosive power (near misses to us thankfully, though my face has been covered in product on more than one occasion). We have endured some much less tasty flavours in our experiments at times. Our always excited extra tasting team; our beautiful 8 and 11 year old children generally grin, with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Especially ‘taste brave’ they are too, considering often first witnessing, facial twists, mouth puckers and eye brow raises from their parents testing a less successful brew. However, we are pleased to say the successes obviously far outweigh the disasters. We have enjoyed kimchi, tempeh, water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha, sour dough, breads, cheeses, pickles, beer, tapache, wine, mead, cider, sauerkraut, honey fermented garlic, ginger bug, yoghurts, lacto-fermented vegetables, lacto-fermented granola and the list goes on!

It has become a part of our life, many family and friends have shared our tasty brews and been amazed by the delicious variations of flavours. We all noticed improvements to health, with the regular inclusion of fermented foods in our diets. Including relief of symptoms of allergies, psoriasis, along with improved gut comfort, healing, energy, sleep and mood. 

We had discovered the forgotten art of fermenting, that is deservedly making a come back into the mainstream. Our ancestors were fermenting over TEN THOUSAND years ago and for good reason. Fermenting is a tradition, it preserves, brings out new flavours and benefits health. Fermentation is a worldwide practice, steeped in history and rituals. You may understand why we are passionate about fermenting and wish to share.

So how did we make the leap to the birth of 'Fiercely Fine'? Well, unfortunately for all, the pandemic hit, the Fiercely Fine Chef, after more than 30 years in the hospitality industry found the kitchens had closed their doors. The hospitality sector collapsed for quite a number of months. We had no income at all, but we did have a lot of time and a passion for fermenting. We had something special to share with the world and seized the opportunity to do it. Our fermenting business started to take shape, we had a clear vision and devised a plan. We attended courses, read books and learned, not just devouring anything fermented, but acquiring the skills and training we needed to make a new business a success at every level. We brought a catering kitchen for product manufacture and our home kitchen bench has never looked clearer! We are finally ready to manufacture amazing fermented products. We are aiming at sales online direct to you at home and to sell via various retail outlets. Through the summer we have various festivals planned and are excited to share our passion of fermenting with all. This time it is 'Fierecly Fine' that is ready to launch not the fermenting bottle lid! Look out for our incredible Kimchi and Tempeh products, made with love in Wales and 'Fiercely Fine'!

Our Journey: Who We Are

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